"Good news! VPHS.top is going to be significantly updated soon."

Hello there! Thank you for having interests in our service going to be updated soon. Although we are currently unable to say when will this change applies or have no guarantee that all updates listed above are applied, we would like to tell you what will happen after the updates.


1. Rename our service name

As we thought that our service name VPHS.top isn't memorable and not so attractive, we decided to change the name to another one. It is a SECRET, but we will tell you maybe in the next update-related post.


2. Website Design updates

We are going to update the design of our website. You will be able to change the themes of our website through the setting menu after the update, including the page where you log in to your hosting account.



Although CAPTCHA may be annoying to most people, we made this hard decision to add the CAPTCHA to prevent bots for our customer's safety so that you can avoid your account hacked. As we know Google reCAPTCHA has become annoying than before, we will add an option that you can select the alternative form of CAPTCHA.


4. "Tools" section movement

We decided to move the Tools section to our customer's Control Panel. This is because as we thought that the Tools section isn't necessary to list in our website but have no reasons to be removed.


5. More Services

These will be our TOP SECRETS!


We are trying as much as we can to make this update satisfy our customers to use our services. We would like to thank you again choosing VPHS.top as your web hosting solution.




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