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About VPHS.top

 VPHS.top is a website hosting service that mainly offers the web hosting service, with extra services provided by the partners of VPHS.top. Both free and premium plan includes unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, 99.9% uptime guarantee, free domain and more. However, the premium plan provides more features that will allow the scale of the website even larger.

 With the VPHS.top website hosting service, you can create websites whatever you want - Blog, Forum, Portals, Galleries, Wikis, Shopping Mall, and much more! You can even create your WordPress website free with no disk space nor bandwidth limitations by using VPHS.top. You can consider upgrading your hosting account to premium if you have enough scale of website/community and budget to pay for it. (We even allow to earn money with the free hosting plan!)

 We hope all users to make the website, app, community, or something creative they wanted to put into reality by using our free website hosting service. We will always make our hosting service free, and if you have some technical problems, you can create a ticket to get a quick solution for it.

 Always remember, VPHS the TOP! (VPHS.TOP)

Special Editions of the VPHS.top for certain communities:

  • PONY!CU (http://pony.icu/): Made with *Friendship* for My Little Pony community. (a.k.a. Brony & Pegasister)
  • More COMING SOON to encourage more communities to make their creativity into reality!

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